Smart Industry

Smart Industry

Smart Industry 

  • Know your entire consumption.
  • Know the performance of Machine with technical specification.
  • Know the energy audit.
  • Automated Data Inputs.
  • Predictive maintenance information.
  • Integration of Existing ERP.

Power-Packed with ML and AI Capabilities

  • Demand forecasting and capacity planning
  • Detect unexpected equipment failures
  • Suggest supply chain bottlenecks
  • Predictive maintenance with advance algorithms
  • Digital twin to regulate production

Factory performance monitoring and predictive analytics

  • Live, interactive dashboard with KPI graph for each factory
  • Monitor performance of each production lines
  • Collect data and improve operations with machine learning
  • Data stream processing for predictive maintenance analysis
  • Predict machine failure& efficiency  degradation
  • Predictive modeling for effective maintenance scheduling
  • NLP to derive request reports quickly

Smart ticketing systems for issue tracking

  • Smart organization, prioritization and routing of tickets
  • Predictive insights for service management requests
  • Machine failure prediction and auto assignment of tickets to a technician for maintenance
  • Accurate classification model based on the historical information of tickets
  • Auto update ticket status when the status of machinery changes
  • ML algorithms to predict estimation for task completion

Anomaly diagnosis and precisions

  • ML algorithms modeled for making the most accurate predictions of failures
  • Detect the misuses of a system or suspicious events
  • Instant notification on mobile devices to immediately act resolve the issues
  • Self-Learning algorithms that continually improve production line efficiency


Smart Energy Monitoring Solution offers an all-inclusive services including Smart Gateway and Application that enables organizations and institutions to monitor energy usage and help in attain substantial enhancements. Including IoT sensors gathering data in real-time, policy based monitoring and customized alerts engines, the solution can recognize enormous energy-saving prospects. It even reduces energy consumption to a great extent.


  • Real-time monitoring energy quality control
  • Advance data analytics using AI
  • Analysis of equipment’s performance
  • Consumption control patterns visualization
  • Customization reports
  • Predictive energy optimization


  • Energy efficient It helps organization to reduce expenditure on energy by not cutting down the usage but preventing wastage.
  • Detects abnormal patterns The system records, stores and help users to visualize data with the help of data analytics.
  • Optimizes cost and comfort It manages energy consumption conferring to economic and commercial standards.
  • Remote centralized management It is enable with centralized monitoring with control in real-time simplifying conservation
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