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(Dummy Text) Cloud4things is not merely a system that allows you to manage connected assets. Our engineers have carefully chosen the state-of-the-art technologies to build the most advanced and high-performing IoT platform that helps you connect things quickly, build a data-driven business, generate new insights, and drive actions. Cloud4things   is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) that facilitates device communication and management, data storage, and app creation, while adhering to robust security protocols.


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(Dummy Text) Internet of Things is a platform where every day devices become smarter, every day processing becomes intelligent, and every day communication becomes informative. While the Internet of Things is still seeking its own shape, its effects have already stared in making incredible strides as a universal solution media for the connected scenario. Architecture specificstudy does always pave the conformation of related field. The lack of overall architectural knowledge is presently resisting the researchers to get through the scope of Internet of Things centric approaches. This literature surveys Internet of Things oriented architectures that are capable enough to improve the understanding of related tool, technology, and methodology to facilitate developer’s requirements. Directly or indirectly, the presented architectures propose to solve real-life problems by building and deployment of powerful Internet of Things notions. Further, research challenges have been investigated to incorporate the lacuna inside the current trends of architectures to motivate the academics and industries get involved into seeking the possible way outs to apt the exact power of Internet of Things. A main contribution of this survey paper is that it summarizes the current state-of-the-art of Internet of Things architectures in various domains systematically.

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