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Why Cloud4Things

Instant Go to Market

Cloud4Things along with various generic applications is easily and quickly usable to build customized application for different need in IoT Domain.

Simple and Self Monitoring

Be it a startup or big organization, the intuitive self monitoring services will make it simple for everyone to connect and build robust business model.

Mitigate All IoT Challenges.

Cloud4Things is a single platform with multiple IoT capabilities to manage Heterogeneous environment, Data Complexity, Safeguard Data, Security, Privacy, large number customers, Manage and Monitor the Complex Private and Public Cloud Deployment.

Cloud4Things Platform


Seamless integration of a new class of devices – Presence using multiple access modes.

Big Data Access and Storage Platform

Real time data collection – History, Summary and Analytics.


Apps (Mobile/Web/Local) on device network – Apps on specific device control – Integration with 3rd Party.


Create forums – Feed engine – Building network and communicate

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